If You Have A Pair Of Converse You May Have Noticed These Holes. THIS Is What They Are Used For..

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The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is easily one of the most iconic sneakers that the world has ever known. The original design featuring a canvas stitched upper portion, white laces and rubber toe caps has remained basically the same since it was introduced back in 1949.

Before then the sneakers had already been in production since 1917, which makes 2017 their 100th year anniversary. In fact, the Chuck Taylor All Stars are the oldest and most popular all-time best selling shoes ever. An astounding 60% of the American population has owned, or currently own, a pair of them at some point in their life.

Even if you are not in the majority who own the sneakers, chances are you know what they look like and have noticed the two small holes on the sides of them. The holes are seemingly random because many people do not know exactly why they are there or what they are used for. They do serve an actual purpose and Sarah Barlow explains it all and shows how to utilize them in the accompanying video.

The most obvious use for the holes is that they allow our feet to breathe more, especially if you’re not wearing any socks. Better breathe-ability reduces sweating and the painful chaffing and rubbing that leads to sore stinky feet.

The second and far less known purpose for the holes involves lacing shoelaces through them to give you a much tighter fit. The custom lacing technique is done in the following steps:

1. Unlace the top two sets of holes
2. Take a lace and pass it inside the shoe across and through to the outside of the first inner side hole
3. Thread the lace back into the second hole, the one nearest the heel side
4. Pull it up and across back to the regular top hole (opposite the side holes)
5. Take the remaining lace and pull that end through the same hole
6. Resume crossing laces as you normally would, which should leave one lace with only one cross over

Very cool, I guess you really do learn something new everyday! Have a good one!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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