Parents Try To Get Their Baby To Say Mama. But Listen To The Dogs Unexpected Response!

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Anyone who has been a parent, knows how persistent they will be, in order to get their baby to say their first words.  They will repeat the word endlessly until the baby’s garbled sounds turn into an intelligible version of their first word.  That word is usually “mama” or “dada.”  When the word finally is uttered by the coaxed babe, jubilation abounds at the achievement.

The parents in the video you are about to watch below, captures an attempt at such a moment.  They keep repeating the word “mama” to their baby boy, dangling a fork-full of his favorite food to reward him.  Next to the baby is his pal, the family dog, who is an Australian Shepard.  They are both eyeing the fork filled with the delicious treat.

Both the baby and the Shepard are licking their chops as they look at the fork, hearing the constant prodding of “Say Mama!” What happens next is truly hilarious and hard to believe.

You will have to watch this a few times to verify what you have seen and heard!

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