THIS Parrot Wants To Go Out For His Walk But Dad Says No. His Surprise Revenge Is Hilarious!

We all love our pets, but bird owners have a really unique relationship with their fine-feathered friends.  Their back and forth is often hilarious to watch.  Because they can’t really be pet and they do mimic human voices and attitudes, the interactions between parrots and their owners as they banter is extremely interesting and sometimes befuddling!

Eric the parrot is a cranky guy on this particular day, that is captured in the video you are about to watch.  Apparently, he really wanted to go for a walk on the shoulder of his owner, but it’s not in the cards today due to the inclement weather.

What’s a bird to do?!  You will find out what mischief he gets into to entertain himself indoors.  He drives his “bird-mother” straight out of her mind, as he finds his revenge with a cup full of coins! This nutty little bird just won’t listen, I hope you enjoy this laugh out loud video as much as I did. “Eric no!” the clip starts, and continues during his ‘angry bird’ rebellion until the “scary fish” threat.

This is the best thing I have seen all week. Watch the video below and enjoy! Have you ever seen anything like this before?

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