Pick a Stone and Discover What It Reveals About You

In life, there are many things which are thought to reveal the hidden truths about what the future may hold in store for us. There are all sorts of phenomenons and objects that people tend to view as foretelling of the times to come. They range from the lines on the palms of our hands to tarot cards and fortune readings to our horoscopes.

On an individual level, these signs and signals extend way beyond those common examples mentioned above. There are thousands of different little signs that we each pick up on and find significance in all throughout our everyday lives. It follows that certain things have developed special meanings throughout the years which are firmly linked with destiny and the paths people end up taking.

This quiz utilizes the meanings associated with different types of stones and offers you an interesting way to explore hidden inner truths that you hold within yourself. It does so by examining the choices you make, in particular, which stone you end up choosing. On the surface it seems simple enough, but each stone is attached with different meanings, subconscious desires, and destinies. It’s all very interesting so try it now and pick one to see what your choice of stone reveals about yourself and your future, enjoy! What stone did you pick? let us know in the comments

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