He Touches This Strange Frog He Discovered In His Home. The Frog’s Reaction WOW!

As a kid, I used to love playing with frogs, which were everywhere around the wooded area of my home. They never seemed resistant to being held, and the feeling of their little feet on the palm of my hands, is a great memory!

However frogs, which are part of the amphibian group, are a diverse species of nearly 4,800 different types. When a frog grows to adulthood, they typically have a rounded central body without a tail, bulging eyes, a cleft tongue and legs that fold underneath them. All of these characteristics are most probably adaptations that protect them through camouflage and enhanced vision, from other animals and humans.

The frog that you are about to watch in the VIDEO below, is unlike any I played with as a kid. It somehow made it’s way into this person’s house. As you will see, there is one other way that frogs have of frightening off perceived predators…watch as this human touches him!

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