If You Place and Hold an Ice Cube On This Spot On Your Neck For 20 Minutes THIS Happens To Your Body

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I love getting massages, and have always found the most relief, after getting deep pressure point massage at the base of my skull where the neck meets the head.  This being said, I was amazed to hear that part of the Chinese modalities of acupuncture and acupressure, incorporate this place of the anatomy in a practice known as “Feng Fu.”

According to “Start of Happiness” the belief is that this particular area, is the key to relieving many pains in other parts of the body, reducing symptoms from some diseases or conditions, improving sleep and achieving an overall sense of well-being by increasing your energy.

Amazingly, as you will hear in the video you are about to view below, you can achieve the same results as Chinese acupuncture of the feng fu point, on your own at home.  It involves placing an ice cube on the back of the neck at the feng fu location, in order to stimulate it, and receive some of the many health benefits.

The video discusses these health benefits in more detail, instructs you exactly where to place the ice cube and the length of time that is necessary to achieve results.

Let us know if you think you will try this unique method.

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