The Police Pulled Over This Exotic Car. But They Were Stunned To See Who Stepped Out Of The Vehicle!

It was a normal afternoon in Montgomery County Maryland when police officers noticed an exotic Lamborghini Gallardo rushing down the highway with unofficial license plates.  Instead of normal Maryland plates, there was the “Batman” symbol.  They immediately turned on their sirens and pulled over the mystery man. They cautiously approached the vehicle looked inside and were shocked to find Batman driving the Lamborghini.

They asked him for his license and registration while trying to keep straight faces.  Batman had some trouble finding his registration so he steps out of the vehicle in his full Batman gear to look for the lost papers. The cops were extremely curious to find out what the heck was going on here.

As it turns out the man was not Bruce Wayne, but a local business man named Lenny B. Robinson who was on his way to visit sick kids at the local children’s hospital.  Luckily Lenny was carrying the actual license plates for the vehicle and he ended up finding his registration.

The cops ended up letting him off with no ticket.  Watch this hilariousness unfold in the video below! 🙂

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