This Pup Is Being Pranked By His Human. The Dog’s Reaction Made Me Spit My Drink Out!

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Koharu is an angelic Shiba Inu who lives in Japan with her human companion.  She has established a daily routine that starts off with her waiting patiently at the kennel gate.  When her owner comes to let her out she heads straight for the car and hops in through the open backdoor.

Behind the passenger seat is Koharu’s favorite spot to sit; a comfy, cushioned, cardboard box.  The box-bed snugly fits her shape and keeps her stable when she rides in the car.  It is clear that this sweet pup loves going for car rides and is always ready for a road trip!

Recently, her owner decided to test his dog’s love for her box bed.  He set up an experiment to see how she would react if her beloved box became successively smaller.  The video shows Koharu’s adorable reactions to the replacement boxes.  Each time around, without fail, she heads straight to the backseat of the car and for her box.

She can still fully fit in the first downgraded box, but by the second downsize she can only fit her front paws in it.  Upon the final, and smallest, third box she is unable to fit any body parts inside so instead she sits over it.  Only then does she look slightly confused, or perhaps annoyed, but still ready to go.

All is well that ends well, because she ends up regaining her original box and couldn’t be happier! Maybe there is something to these wonderful cardboard boxes that animals seem to be drawn to.  They are like magnets for cats and, as Koharu proves, dogs too.  Animals just appear to be attracted to them all no matter what size they are.

Forget the expensive, complex, fancy beds and put an old blanket in a cardboard box to truly make your pet a favorite spot.  And, if you need any convincing, look no further than Koharu!

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