Can You Find The 6 Hidden Words In This Vacation Scene?

If you are in need of a fun distraction then look no further! This hidden picture puzzle is the perfect thing to keep your mind and eyes busy for a minute or two.

The cartoon drawing of a father fishing with his two children below has six words concealed somewhere within it. The strategically hidden words all relate to the vacation scene in one way or another and depending on how fast you pick up on them this could take you six seconds or six minutes to solve!

The G-rated cartoon drawing featured below contains a total of six words that are hidden somewhere within it. They have all been strategically concealed in the cheery picture of two children fishing off a dock alongside their father who’s relaxing and reading a book.

Each word is related directly to the vacation scene depicted here in one way or another and while some may stand out to you, a few will take some searching to find! Depending on how fast you pick up on them all, this may take you five seconds or five minutes to solve. See how quickly you’re able to complete the challenge.

Illustrations like this are great for passing the time and keeping yourself or anyone else, especially young kids, occupied. Pass it along, and test yourself to see if you can find all six hidden words!

Please Share This With Family and Friends To See If They Can Find All The Words 🙂

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