Pick a Color To Reveal How Old You Actually Are On The Inside

When it comes to age, there are different types that don’t necessarily stem from the day you were born. Instead, there are concepts such as physical and mental age, which reflect off of certain factors. Those could include things like how you perform at physical challenges or answer certain questions targeted to the topic being examined.

The test featured here looks at what your inner age is based off the colors that you choose. Inner age is how old you truly feel and act, rather than how old you are based on how many years you’ve been alive. When it comes down to it, age is a number, nothing more and nothing less.

How old you really are shines through in your personality and approach towards life. We’ve all known someone who acted like our parents or grandparents did, yet they were still just a teenager or young adult. Maybe they were always the super responsible one who was on top of everything, or they were the type of old soul who simply preferred rest and relaxation over loud, crowded scenes.

Then there are those people who act precisely how you’d expect them to, based on the real birth-based age they’re at in life. And of course there are some people who come off as much younger than you’d ever imagine them to be. They often seem carefree, young at heart, and always excited about some new thing they’re into.

What do you think your inner age is right now, do you feel older, younger, or on point with your birth-age? The colors you pick, and the way you see them, can help figure out the answer to that very question! It turns out that the different colors you believe you are perceiving can say a lot about how old you are and the stage you’re currently at in life.

This color quiz was developed to estimate your inner age based on how you see shades of color. There is an art to calculating these types of age-related guesstimates and while they aren’t always totally accurate, they are usually pretty close, not to mention interesting and fun!

Simply select the color that you think is the brightest one out of the three choices given, keep at it, and receive your results in the end to see how old you are on the inside. Have fun and enjoy!

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