What’s Your Psychic Power?

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As humans, we are capable of a lot more than we think we are. For some odd reason, we don’t like to admit that we are magnificent beings with infinite wisdom and ability. We seem to prefer to trap ourselves in mundane routines and limitations of our physical body.

Think about the possibilities of our mind. With our imaginations, we can travel to anywhere we could want to go, even places that don’t exist in our physical world. Not only that, but studies show that we receive the same physiological benefits through visualization as through actual experience.

If our talent for fantasy is that strong, then what does that mean about what we are able to perceive from our surroundings? If we have the brain power to create physical reactions to vivid imagery, then how could we be limited in the opposite direction? It must be that we have an unlimited ability to intake information, since there is endless potential to how that information can be perceived.

It would appear that in the same way we decide where our imaginations navigate, we also decide what knowledge we let in to our psyche. If every person has the capacity to take in more than what we typically see, smell, feel, taste or hear, what sixth sense do you possess? Are you limited to just six senses?

You could be exceptionally clairaudient and receive messages from another realm, listening to the little voice in your head. Maybe you are clairvoyant and perceive events before they happen. There is also the special gift of clairsentience, in which you feel deep in your gut the energy from people, places and things in the past, present or future. Claircognizance is another process of awareness where you just know something that you have no explanation for knowing.

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