Rare Lunar Eclipse During Aquarius: Prepare For a Huge Energy Shift On The Night of August 18, 2016

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In just a few short days there will be a lunar eclipse taking place and right along with it a major shift will also be occurring. This coming Thursday night, August 18th 2016, be sure to look up the sky to witness the beautiful event!

August 18th is when the moon will be full and this particular one has been named the Sturgeon Moon. Lunar eclipses always take place during full moons and when the sun, Earth, and moon all enter into syzygy, meaning that they are aligned in a straight, even line. The moon will pass behind our planet and into the Earth’s umbra, its shadow, which will block out the light from the sun and plunge the moon into partial darkness. Since this eclipse is considered penumbral rather than total or partial, the moon is expected to enter Earth’s shadow only slightly, therefore it won’t be ultra-visible.

Even though you may not be able to clearly see the eclipse, you will definitely end up feeling its effects in a meaningful way. This lunar eclipse is more noteworthy than usual because it will be taking place in the constellation of Aquarius, and when we are in Leo (July 23–Aug 22) as we are now, it’s opposite the sun. As such, the darkened moon will have a profound impact on all of our lives and we can expect a major shift to come our way!

Every person will experience a sort of change in their own personal way, from slight to life-altering, and here are the more significant ways in which the lunar eclipse may affect us:

Some people will be touchier than usual and quick to anger or upset, especially those who already have a short fuse.

Some of us will crave extra love, support, and attention, especially the mothering type that is more nurturing and encouraging overall.

Some people will begin to stop caring so much about what others think. They will start deciding things on their own and for themselves. Whereas the opinions and judgments of others would have once bothered them immensely and held them back, they will no longer have that negative, stifling effect.

Some people will become more confident, self-aware, and conscious of their choices. In turn, they will also shift into a happier and more enlightened phase of their lives, which is always an upgrade and a good thing!

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