The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Cover The Toilet Seat With Toilet Paper In A Public Bathroom

Should I hover or cover? That’s the question that runs through most peoples minds when they enter a public restroom stall. After all, the thought of sitting on a public toilet is anything but pleasant and the entire room is crawling with a bunch of complete strangers bacteria and germs. While no one ever really wants to use a public bathroom, sometimes it’s inevitable. When you gotta go, you gotta go!

If you’re among the millions of people who tear off a bunch of toilet paper and lays the sheets down on the seat to form a protective layer, you’re doing it wrong! In fact, you’re better off not putting anything down on the seat at all, whether it be toilet paper or one of those handy paper seat covers found in many bathroom stalls. It may sound contrary to popular belief, but you’re actually exposing your body to even more germs and bacteria when you line the seat with paper.

As humble as they appear to be, toilet seats have been specially designed to repel against bacteria. The way they are shaped and the overall smoothness of the seats make it difficult for germs to latch onto them. In comparison, toilet paper has a rougher texture and is designed to absorb stuff, making it the perfect place for bacteria to stick to. Plus, every time the toilet gets flushed a ton of nasty germs get spread around and fly through the air. Lots of those end up on the toilet paper roll, so when you place it on the seat you’re sitting down right on top of them!

In addition, our skin provides enough protection to keep our bodies safe from whatever is lurking in and around the toilet. It’s our own natural barrier that protects us from micro-organisms and besides that, much of the bacteria found on seats is already present on our bodies. Furthermore, studies have found that the average public toilet seat is cleaner than most people’s kitchen sinks, cutting boards, and dish sponges! If that doesn’t put it all into perspective, nothing else will.

Finally, the number one best thing you can do to avoid germs and bacteria is to wash your hands thoroughly after using the loo. That means running them under hot or warm water, lathering up with soap, and rubbing them together for at least 20 seconds. Focus on the areas in-between fingers and under nails, then rinse off the soap and dry them off. Avoid electric hand dryers if it’s possible, all they do is blow germs on your freshly cleaned hands, and opt for paper towels instead if they’re available. Also, try not to touch the door or handle when exiting. If it’s a push door use your hip, foot, or some other covered body part to open it.

In the end, hovering is the best way to go about using a public toilet. It’s much cleaner and more effective than using a toilet paper barrier and you get a mini-workout in the process. You also get to keep your peace of mind, so squatting is the way to go!

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