Scientists Recently Discovered The 5 Health Benefits of Eating 3 Eggs Per Day

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For years, it was thought that eating eggs regularly, would raise your cholesterol to unhealthy levels. However, recent scientific findings have proven that although our bodies naturally produce significant amounts of cholesterol, they accommodate by producing less, when we consume foods that contain cholesterol.

This is great news, especially in the case of eggs, that have incredible health benefits when eaten daily! Not only do they have the capacity to provide nutrients containing much-needed vitamins and protein, but they also act as a preventative for many potentially life-threatening diseases.

Two to three eggs per day will enrich your diet with Vitamins A, D, E and B-12. According to the “Huffington Post”, they are also rich in folate, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids. The amount of HIGH-QUALITY PROTEIN in a single egg, according to “Health 24”, is equal to 30 grams of meat! The quality of this protein is rated much higher, than that found in beef or milk.

The VIDEO you are about to watch below will go into greater detail about these important nutrients, as well as CHOLINE…important for BRAIN HEALTH, and the anti-oxidants found in eggs. These ANTI-OXIDANTS protect EYE HEALTH and LOWER the RISK of many CANCERS. Also discussed is the WEIGHT CONTROL provided by eggs, as well as BONE, HAIR and NAIL HEALTH.

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