Security Camera Catches Terrifying Moment When Crocodile Jumps In Pool Where Couple Is Swimming

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For many people, going on a trip to Africa and staying in a beautiful lodge among all the wild animals is the stuff that dreams are made of. However, for one couple visiting Kariba, Zimbabwe, their African vacation experience almost turned into a total nightmare.

The couple were out enjoying a late night dip in the pool when they were suddenly joined by a completely unexpected surprise visitor. A surveillance camera caught the moment when a six foot long crocodile suddenly appeared at the pool side! The beast can be seen lurking off to the right in the video between several sun chairs, as if he’s stalking the man and woman out and preying on them.

Moments later the crocodile races forward and slides right into the pool. He immediately begins snapping at the shocked couple who scramble desperately to get away from it. The man manages to quickly haul himself out of the pool, but that makes the crocodile’s focus shift solely onto the woman who is desperately trying to escape to the other side. With lightning quick speed the animal closes the gap between itself and the woman and appears to snap at her as she fends it off with her arms. At this point, the man is back by her side and either something he did or the sight of him causes the crocodile to back off for a moment, giving the woman the break she needs to finally jump out of the pool.

It’s hard to tell in the video with all the splashing, but according to Daily Mail the woman sustained more than one bite. While no additional information was provided as to her condition, it appears that she wasn’t severely physically injured. If anything, the emotional and psychological toll from a terrifying experience like this would have a greater, longer lasting impact. Regardless of that, she’s lucky to have escaped as quickly as she did.

Many people online have commented on how fast the man jumped out of the pool, leaving the woman to fend for herself. While most of the remarks are negative, the old adage comes to mind about fight or flight. His instinctive response was to flee, which is what most of us would probably do as well. Who would really fight a crocodile in the water where they have the clear advantage? Plus, he immediately raced to her side and tried to help her, so it’s not like he really ran away and left her on her own.

In the end, they both escaped with their lives and that’s is all that really matters. Check out the insane footage because this is something you truly have to see for yourself!

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