He Sees His Wife In The Infant’s Crib But When He Realizes Why He Can’t Hold Back The Tears!

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Dana and Matt had been together since high school. They were a beautiful couple and they loved each other very much. They were very religious and wanted to share that aspect of their lives with their daughter Luella, who they were raising in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They were intent on giving her the best childhood possible. 

One day, Dana and Matt left Luella with a sitter. They went to a worship concert and conference. At the conference, Dana met a missionary who told her a heartbreaking story. This story would go on to move her immensely. 

He had done a lot of work in Ugandan orphanages. He spoke about one specific orphanage that was different than the rest. The inside was a large room with around a hundred babies each in his or her own crib. When the missionary walked inside, he expected the room to be raucous and loud. Instead, it was silent. The missionary told her that the babies didn’t cry because no one came for them when they did cry. Eventually, the babies each realized that crying wouldn’t do anything and stopped.

Dana couldn’t believe what she was hearing. How tragic that so many children gave up on the idea of someone coming for them so early in their lives. Dana vowed that she would never allow her own daughter to feel this way. When she got home, she heard Luella crying. She climbed into the crib and laid beside Luella until the young child went to sleep. Dana is one of many noble mothers to dedicate her time and self to her child. Hopefully someday, every child will have a mother as committed and loving as Dana.

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