What Emerges Out Of This Algae Shocks The Entire Audience!

image via – youtube.com

An octopus’ main defense in the wild is camouflage and mimicry.  This is how they survive and have been around for millions of years. They are also incredible at quick escapes. Other defenses include distraction with the use of ink sacs and autotomising limbs. They are some of the most interesting species on all of planet earth.

Some can change colors, while others can shape shift and look like other predators so that they don’t get eaten. Their disguise and escape skills have given them quite the advantage over other species in the ocean.

In the video below you will see first hand just how good an octopus is at camouflage.  They are true masters in the art of disguise.  What looks to be a piece of algae quickly transforms in front of your eyes.  I had to watch it multiple times just to make sure it was real! This is so awesome. Enjoy! 🙂

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