She Said Her Toys Kept Being Stolen As She Slept. So They Set Up a Hidden Cam That Revealed THIS

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When their young daughter kept saying that her toys were being stolen during the night, her mama wasn’t buying it at all. So to show her 8-year old baby girl how silly this was the family set up a hidden cam in the hall right outside her door.

No one understood where all her toys were vanishing into thin air or what was really happening here. Was she the culprit and hiding her toys for attention? Were the toys coming to life and just walking out of her her room? Or could was it a terrifying ghost haunting the house or a weird stranger in the night?

The 8 year old was locking her door to keep out the evil doers. The following morning the family viewed the nighttime security video.  The girls mom and dad, planned on proving that there was clearly no thief, ghost or a stranger in the night. But the family was stunned when they watched the footage.

The unthinkable had occurred and there was absolutely no way they thought this is how this tale would play out. The daughter had been right the whole time! A thief was caught in the act and he even had tools with him to break open the locks.

The robber had thoroughly thought out this incredibly awesome plan. The thief was somebody the family was very close to! For some reason mysterious stories like this always happen with someone who knows the family well!

Watch this amazing and hilarious video to find out who this genius behind the mystery of the stolen toys was and how the guy pull this off without being detected.  Honestly I couldn’t believe what the hidden camera caught. My jaw literally dropped!

Enjoy the mystery of the stolen toys in the video below! Let us know if you figured out the mystery beforehand! 🙂

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