She Was Up Partying All Night and She Was Given A Pill. What She Looks Like Now Broke My Heart!

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In a local town of Glasgow, Scotland a beautiful 16-year-old, Amy Thompson, met up with her friends at a party.  The purpose of this party was for all who attended to take “Ecstasy”; they believed that the pill they were taking was MDMA.

Almost immediately after ingesting their doses, Amy and her two friends collapsed, and were rushed to the hospital.  Amy’s two friends completely recovered after a short period of time, but Amy remained in a coma.  She was kept on life support for over a month, as her family sat by her side in disbelief and anguish!

Miraculously she awoke, but it immediately became apparent that something was very wrong.  She had suffered severe physical and brain damage.  She has courageously made strides in an attempt to recover as much functioning as possible, and hopefully will continue to make strides in physical and cognitive therapy.

She and her family have posted the footage of Amy, in her current condition, as a way of thanking all those who lent their support in her recovery.

Further, they want her story and this video to be used as a warning about the potential devastation of what a single pill looking for a night of fun, can do to a life.

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