She Places Leftover Celery Scraps In A Cup of H2O. 3 Days Later She Reveals The UNTHINKABLE!

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If you are like me, and have always loved the idea of growing your own fruits and vegetables, but have never given a fully constructed vegetable garden a whirl, the following video below is for you. The official start of Summer is only a few days away, so this is the perfect time to watch this unique approach to enjoying your own fruits and veggies all summer.

Although we all have the option of composting food scraps, instead of just throwing them in the garbage, Cobi Kim shows us a far cooler and more productive way to deal with food waste. She actually illustrates how simple it is to GROW A GARDEN FROM KITCHEN SCRAPS!

I never thought of being able to grow my own PINEAPPLES! Instead of tossing the crown, Cobi shows you how to ready it to be placed in water, in order to develop substantial roots. After 3 weeks it is ready to be planted in the soil.

Similarly, you will be shown how to cut the bottom of a celery stalk, to be placed in water until the root growth readies it to be planted outside. Check out the video for complete details for these items, as well as transforming ginger, garlic, green onions and round onions into a lush and satisfying fruit and vegetable garden!

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