They Sprayed This Bicycle With a Special Paint. When The Sun Went Down It Transformed Into THIS

LifePaint is a new technology developed by Volvo to keep the roads safer for bikers at night. It should be used by everyone and has the potential to save 1,000’s of lives. LifePaint is a special reflective safety spray that is invisible during the day, but at night will light up and glow from a cars headlights.

Finally all the invisible bikers and pedestrians at night will be seen by oncoming traffic. Also, the paint washes off and will not change the color of the surface it is used on. Usually a layer of LifePaint will last for about a week.

Although it was initially designed for bikers, it can be used in many different ways. For instance, kids backpacks, clothes, wheelchairs, dog leashes and collars. This is truly a revolutionary idea. Would you use LifePaint? leave a comment below

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