I Thought It Was Strange As She Starts Drawing On Her Zipper With A Pencil But The Reason Brilliant!

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Clothing is a necessary part of life. We all need clothes to protect our bodies from the elements and to avoid being arrested for indecent exposure. To get the most mileage and wear out of clothes we have to wash them regularly and mend them when it’s needed. Taking care of clothes and doing laundry can be tricky and many a thing can go wrong.

Things end up getting shrunk in the wash, sweaters get snagged on sharp objects, and zippers stop working at the most inconvenient of times. Instead of letting a little problem like that ruin your favorite clothes, try one of these wardrobe-saving laundry hacks. Fashion blogger Rachel Levin goes over a few neat tricks that might just come in handy down the line.

We listed all of the excellent tips below but be sure to check out her video for more and pass it along to anyone else who could use the information:

No time to iron a wrinkly shirt? Grab a spray bottle and fill it with clean water. Spray the shirt, stretch it out, and the wrinkles should go away.

Zipper stuck? Using a standard graphite pencil, rub the tip over the zipper teeth, then zip it up. Want to buy a pair of jeans without trying them on? Take the jeans you like and wrap the waist part around your neck. If it touches perfectly they will fit. Alternatively, if the ends go past each other the jeans are too big and if they don’t meet at all then the pair is too small. This works because, for most people, the circumference of the waist is 2 times the circumference of the neck.

Own a pair of shoes that give you blisters, but you still really want to wear them? Pull on a pair of dress socks and then a pair of regular socks. The dress ones are tight enough to not interfere with comfort and fit and they keep feet dry and protected because they allow the foot to move around without rubbing your skin, like normal socks do.

Have shirts that are piling? Use a cheap disposable razor to shave off the ugly pieces and dots. Want to make a tank top into a strapless top? Wear the tank top upside down and either roll and tuck the straps under or stretch them down and put your leg through each side. That will turn it into a body suit and ensure no straps poke out.

Shrink your clothes while doing laundry? Soak them in hot water and hair conditioner for about 5 minutes, allow it to dry, and the clothes should return to normal size.

Have ugly, yellow sweat stains on some of your clothes? Cut a lemon in half and rub it on the stain. Spray a little water on and wipe it off with a soft cotton towel. The stains should disappear and your clothes will smell lemony fresh.

Does a friend want to “borrow” your clothes, but they’re known for keeping them? Take a picture of the friend holding the article of clothing they want to borrow, save or add it to your favorites, and now you have proof and won’t forget about it.

Have a sweater that got snagged or with threads that are pulled and hanging loosely? Take a bobby pin and slide it over the loose thread, then push it through the sweater to the other side and let go. This basically pushes the snag back into a place where it’s protected. It won’t get pulled any further and it’s more safe against your body, instead of hanging out all ugly in the front.

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