THIS Strange Dog Collapses At Their Front Door! Then They Spot a Letter On His Collar and Run Immediately To a Phone!

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Dogs are known to be loyal companions and this trait is part of what makes them so endearing to people. It’s not just humans who they are steadfastly faithful towards, many are best friends with other animals, especially other dogs. Louie, a sheepdog living in New Zealand with his family was such a dog and his story shows just how devoted and loyal he turned out to be when his friend got into trouble.

Louie had always been an adventurous dog. According to Marolyn Diver, his human sister, he enjoyed going out and exploring around his family’s property. While sometimes he’d be gone for quite some time, he’d always return home before it got too late. At 12 years old, he was getting up there in age and didn’t seem to wander as far or stay out as late, so when he went missing one day his family grew extremely worried that perhaps something bad had happened to him.

When Louie came walking up the driveway late in the afternoon, Marolyn and her parents were extremely relieved to have him back safe and sound. As he collapsed on the ground clearly exhausted and worn out, they noticed that he had a little piece of cardboard attached to his collar. It was a note that read “Louie is the hero of the day, he led me to Maddy in distress stuck under a branch pile. Cheers, Rob.”

Rob was a neighboring farmer who lived about a mile away and Maddy was his beloved dog who happened to be best friends with Louie. Wanting to know more about what happened, Louie’s owners called Rob and he told them how their dog had saved the day. Earlier Rob had been unable to find Maddy and since he had to run errands in town, he figured she’d show up by the time he got back. When he arrived home Louie was there instead waiting for him and trying his best to get Rob to follow him.

The two took off into the woods with Louie leading the way and it wasn’t long before Rob found Maddy stuck under a pile of wood. As Rob removed branches and worked to free her, Louie dug at the ground and helped him clear the trees. Once Maddy was finally free, she and Louie ran over to a pond that was nearby and jumped right in. They cooled off and drank a bit before heading back to the farm where Rob gave them a bunch of biscuits and wrote the note to help explain what Louie had done since he’d been gone awhile.

After hearing how Louis was a hero, his family was happy and proud about what he’d done, but they were also very worried. It seemed that Louis was in bad shape and had overdone it. He was utterly exhausted and could barely walk.

The next morning Rob came around for a visit on his bike with Maddy riding in a little basket on the back. As soon as Louie saw her, he seemed to snap right out of it and ran over to play as they normally do. Apparently, he was just worried about his best friend and once he knew that she was okay, he could finally relax.

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