She Uses A Stick With Glass On Fire and Presses It Onto Paper. The Result Is An Unexpected Surprise!

Art is an ever expansive expression of life which is limited only by the imagination itself. There are infinite opportunities with endless mediums, methods of using them, and what is created as a result. Some of the best art is made, almost accidentally, when a moment of inspiration comes seemingly out of nowhere in the form of material and excitement.

When allowed enough time and space, the energy and ingredients combine to form a unique masterpiece for the world to enjoy. The beauty of art is often in the process of making it. While the final product can evoke a plethora of sentiment in those who encounter it, it is not the only purpose for its creation.

The artist becomes a conduit for movement of spirit and in turn is gifted with peace, neutrality, as the work provides an outlet for positive and negative power. No matter the skill, effort, or product achieved, there is much to be gained by the practice of crafty execution.

Etsuko Ichikawa demonstrates the elegance of ingenuity with molten glass pyrography. She uses a portable furnace to soften glass for her fire drawings on paper. Melting at 2100 degrees, Etsuko must work quickly to be able to handle the material.

She gracefully drips the hot glass to burn lines in large sheets of paper. After promptly removing the hardening substance, the paper is spritzed to cool and reveals interesting abstract designs which can be artistically interpreted for further appreciation. What do you see in her pictures?

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