She Tells Her Husky He Can’t Go Outside Again. The Dog Proceeds To Throw The Most Hysterical Tantrum.

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Siberian Huskies are well known for their wolf-like looks and beautiful eyes, but it’s their awesome personalities that really win people over. The breed is extremely friendly, intelligent, energetic, and accepting. Not only is it highly likely that they’ll get along well with children of all ages and other dogs or pet animals, they’re even friendly towards strangers, so don’t get one if you want or need a guard dog!

In addition to being highly social and friendly, they also tend to be very even-tempered. When they do act up or throw a tantrum it’s never scary or worrisome, instead it’s adorable and endearing, like how the Husky in this clip acts. The big handsome dog was filmed getting into it and arguing loudly with his owner. From the sound of all his whining it seems like he had a whole lot to say and he wasn’t about to shush up or back down!

The amped up dog throws some serious sass right back at the woman he’s chatting with and he doesn’t hold back. He barks and moans in response, but instead of listening to her and doing what she says, he ignores it and just keeps carrying on. At several points he doesn’t even skip a beat or pause to take a breath! He’s on a roll with his little temper tantrum and it’s the cutest argument you could ever hope to see or hear.

As the conversation goes on it seems as if the Husky may just want to get the last word in. He’s trying to dominate the situation and is arguing like a boss. It’s like he was telling his owner that he was in fact the alpha dog of the house and that she needed to get in line, behind him!

The Husky is just so expressive and persistent, that’s all part of what makes them so endearing and downright adorable. Be sure to check him out because he’s hilarious and try to keep up with the conversation if you can!

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