Two Baby Elephants Wandered Off and Got Lost. Their Reaction When They Find Mama Is Priceless!

These baby elephants got adventurous and meandered away from their family to check out the surroundings. Their excitement upon returning seems to imply that the double trouble may have been a little turned around whilst strolling the hood. The siblings noticeably quickened their pace to a full run once they recognized the safety of their mother, and not even a gushing stream could slow them from reaching their sanctuary.

Elephants are social creatures who have an interesting dynamic of community. Females spend their entire lives within a group of ten or more elephants which consists of several mothers and their offspring. The gang is governed by the oldest female until she is either to weak to reign or deceased, and then control is taken by the oldest daughter, even if the mother’s sister is present.

Families do interact with outside groups, forming clans of up to nine families who work together to protect their regions during harsh seasons. Adult male elephants live a more independent lifestyle. As they develop, males spend time on the outskirts of their group rather than being secured between matriarchs, and socialize with other males and families.

Around fourteen or fifteen years old, they spend the majority of their time away from their family and the adult females begin to act aggressively toward them, which pushes them to leave the nursing unit permanently. After their departure, males live as bachelors by themselves or in a group of other males.

Watch the adorable video below. It totally made my day. It’s the cutest thing I’ve seen all week. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Run little ones run!

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