These Wild Elephants Take This Walk Once A Year. But Watch What They Caught On Video!

The visit that is captured in this beautiful video was a transporting experience.  What you are about to view is the yearly pilgrimage that takes place by a family of wild elephants.  They visit a lovely hotel in Zambia called the Mfuwe Lodge, when the mangos are ripe. Wonky Tusk, their matriarch, leads them through the reception area of the Lodge, so that they can reach the mango tree on the grounds of the hotel.

She intuitively knows when the mangos are ripe, and brings her family to enjoy their delicious snack. Wonky and her family, which includes an adorable baby elephant, seem to know that it is safe for them to partake of these treats.  Equally amazing is that their human friends leave them be in this incredibly peaceful scene.  A mutual trust is evident as they enter the lodge.

After they are satiated from the mangos, they peacefully lay down to take a nap.  After resting they gently rumble back through the lodge for their leave-taking.  One can only imagine what an unforgettable experience this is for the visitors. I now have something new for my bucket list. I would love to watch this in person!

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