They Gave Their Dog A Bunch Of Water Balloons. The Result Is Hilarious!

Who doesn’t like playing with water balloons in the summertime?  It’s a great way to have fun and stay cool in the heat.  As the summer nears it’s end this family thought of a great way to finish up the balloon play by having their dog Spaz be included in the fun.

As the weather started getting cooler this family found a really novel and totally fun way to get rid of their extra water balloons. Spaz seemed to love every minute of his contribution to the task at hand.  With great gusto he knew just what to do to deal with the problem of getting rid of the extra water balloons, that his humans didn’t want to be soaked with.

Watching this video made me want to get on that trampoline and join Spaz in the fun…Just as long as I could bound away with him and not have to clean up the mess with this pooch’s humans!

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