He Came Home To A Huge a Mess. When He Asks The Dog Who Did It I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Ten seconds of messy home, and the culprit is seemingly in view. A pet owner questions his little white Maltese to find out who shredded the tissue on the carpet. The pup stares blankly with bewilderment and a clear lack of remorse. After pointing out the issue to make the dog understand, the owner inquires again as to who made the mess. More empty blinking of puppy eyes, and the man pans the camera to another animal.

And this is when the scene gets funny. A second small white dog stands stiff legged with a tissue box on its head. He must not have had anything to do with the Kleenex on the floor, right? Oh Kacy, you had to go back for one more square didn’t you! The reach for the last cloth was just enough to squeeze Kacy’s collar into the opening of the box, and the collar was just enough to no be able to pull his head back out into safety.

The little dog, for some unknown time, has provided himself with his own justice. Solitary confinement in a tissue box is likely an effective treatment for such behavior as making a mess of all of the wipes. Now, the next time a friend sits down to watch a tearjerker, there will be no fabric to dab their eyes.

Someone has to pay for the inconvenience! Under the stress of the darkness of a box just bigger than his head, and the uncertainty of whether he is ever going to get out, Kacy sufficiently suffered more than the one who has to get some t.p. to blow their nose. Unless he is glutton for punishment, the Maltese will remember this lesson the next time he dreams of fragmented paper between his teeth.

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