This Guy Is About To Take A Selfie But Keep Your Eye On The Surprise Dog Behind Him!

Sometimes, our pets feel like they are missing out. They see us doing something that they really like, and they want to be a part of it. Sometimes your dog might become the “monkey in the middle” while you are throwing a ball with a family member.

You might be swimming and your dog is begging to be allowed to join. These are common occurrences and would not surprise anyone. Little did we know, at least some of our pets have noticed our technology.

You want proof? Check out this video, where we find a dog who is most certainly interested in taking a selfie. At first, it isn’t clear that he knows what is going on. He may just be reacting to his owner paying attention to him. Maybe he thinks the phone is a treat.

But then, the dog does something that makes it very clear he knows exactly what is going on. He seems to be focused on his reflection in the camera, and he carefully lines his head up perfectly to get the best selfie ever.

The dog’s human seems to know the dog will do this, which implies this dogs does this consistently. That means the dog knows something about what’s going on with the phone, although how much he knows is impossible to say.

What can be said is that this dog really wants to take a selfie and is a natural actor. He could be the next James Dean with chops like that. Move over, George Clooney, there’s a new leading man in town!

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