This Guy Pours Olive Oil All Over The Inside Of His Car. But The Reason Is Brilliant!

This car cleaning trick works great and is a safe alternative to the harsh chemical products that people usually turn to when cleaning their car interiors. Since you only need olive oil and a napkin there is absolutely, positively no toxic chemical residue left behind on surfaces or lingering in the air. It won’t smell heavy like a factory either. Instead, there will be a pleasant and barely noticeable scent of olive oil, which is much better than fake chemical odors.

This video was made courtesy of YouTube channel CrazyRussianHacker. He shows us how he cleans his car’s leather interior with olive oil and thoroughly explains the nuances of the technique. Getting right down to it, start by taking a napkin or paper towel and fold it in half several times over. Take some olive oil and pour a few drops onto the napkin. The key here is to remember that a little goes a long way.

Don’t pour on too much oil because you’ll end up making a mess and wasting it. Next, rub it in evenly onto the dashboard, making sure to cover all exposed surface areas. Once you have put down a coat of oil, take another clean napkin or paper towel and wipe over the surface again.

This will just pick up any excess oil that may be present or didn’t get absorbed. The oil will help pick up and remove the dust and leave behind a pleasant odor and a nice, shiny sheen. It’s the safest and most effective way to clean your car’s interior, and probably the cheapest too.

The best thing about this ‘crazy Russian hack’ is that it can be done for pennies on the dollar. Most people have olive oil on hand in their kitchen and paper towels or napkins. If not, gas stations often have paper towel dispensers near the pumps, and inside there are most likely napkins if they sell food so just grab a few.

If you have young children and/or pets who spend a lot of time in the car, you don’t want them being exposed to whatever chemicals and harsh ingredients auto cleaners contain. Keep them safe with olive oil, plus your skin and hands will thank you if you get some on them!

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