Watch This Cat Freak Out When He Meets His New Puppy Sister.

Some cats simply prefer to be the sole animal in a household. They don’t want to be around other cats and they usually find small children to be annoying. The same goes for chickens, rabbits, birds, and any other living creature that could possibly live alongside people.

However, when it comes to disliking other pets, one type stands out as the top animal which draws a lone cat’s ire. Solo felines definitely do not want to share a roof with their natural enemy, the dog. There is something instinctive and natural about the anger, distrust, and animosity that many cats feel and show towards dogs.

It’s like they were bred to hate them, yet it seems that for every cat that dislikes a dog there is a cat who absolutely loves and adores their canine counterpart. When it comes down to it, how a cat feels about a dog, or any other household pet, is hit or miss.

They either accept them or they don’t. In the case of Cato the house cat, the answer is clear for anyone watching his video to see. Cato’s parents decided to add to their family and get a dog. His mother, Kerry Gillette, was filming when they tested out the cat’s initial reaction to seeing his new puppy sister for the first time.

As her husband walked up onto the front porch with the new dog on a leash the cat was looking on from inside the house. Cato immediately went into angry cat mode and freaked out, hissing, growling, and making all sorts of strange, ticked off cat-type sounds.

If the Gillette’s were hoping for a better reaction than that, they were definitely disappointed, but it seems like they expected Cato’s hissy fit and this wasn’t his first time facing a dog. After that brief and informal sighting there was definitely a lot of work that had to be done to ensure eventual peace and harmony in the household.

Kerry wrote in the YouTube video’s comments that the pair were not introduced face to face until much later and that they are getting along fine these days. Apparently, in their family pack the cat is the alpha, who is in control, and bosses around the dog who submits to Cato’s will and is therefore the omega.

The dog is calmer and more relaxed, which is why they chose that particular puppy, because they knew Cato would have to be the top cat in the house to be happy. If Cato can go from angry, crazy, beast mode cat to coexisting alongside the dog then more power to him. All’s well that ends well!

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