This Girl Gets In Between A Pack Of Pit Bulls And Their Food. Now Watch Their Unexpected Reaction!

What do you think might happen if you put a four year old girl in between six male pit bulls and their dinner? That is the exact situation in which we find ourselves at the beginning of this video. Your first reaction might look or feel something like a cringe, and you might even close an eye or two as you wait for the inevitable horrible carnage that is sure to befall this girl.

After all, she is standing squarely in harm’s way, is she not? Does her mother not realize the immediate danger that threatens her young daughter?¬†Forty pounds of flesh is nothing when you are a tight knit pack of full grown pit bulls.

They could have their dinner in mere seconds if they chose, and she could easily be removed at any moment. They could simply push her out of the way, bark and growl her into submission, or do something more dramatic.

Any way you look at it, she poses no threat to them, and the only way they are going to be held at bay by her tiny frame is if they choose to let her. What will they do? We have all heard the stories and seen the headlines about the supposed dangers of the pit bull breed.

Due to this notoriety, they are often left in shelters due to our collective fear. Is this fear warranted? If it is, what is the cause? Is it the fault of the genetics of the dogs themselves, or is it because of the way we tend to treat pit bulls and the situations in which we place them?

After watching this video, your answers to these questions just might change.

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