Three Bikers Harrass This Old 90 Year Old Guy. He Doesn’t Back Down and Gets The Best Revenge Ever!

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In life there are two broad types of people, those who are very nice and thoughtful, and those who are rude and disrespectful.  While most people strive to be decent human beings, some just don’t care and even go out of their way to be offensive. Oftentimes it’s the nicest among us who end up being targeted by the meanest, which was sadly the case for a ninety one year old man named Paul.

One day Paul was driving his truck when he decided to pull over and grab a bite to eat at a nice little roadside diner.  He’d ordered a slice of apple pie and a coffee when a group of three bikers walked in. The old man glanced up at them and not thinking much of the newcomers, went back to sitting quietly and enjoying his food.  The bikers looked around and upon seeing Paul one of them walked over and stubbed his lit cigarette out right in his apple pie! The biker didn’t say a word, he just walked off and joined his friends at a table in the back.

As rude and disgusting as that was, it didn’t end there.  In fact, things only escalated. A second biker approached Paul, hawked up a loogie and spit it into his coffee, then walked back to his friends.  Not wanting to be left out of the bullying, the third biker came over and picked up Paul’s plate, then smashed it on the floor. These mean nasty bikers clearly thought that 91 year old Paul was the weakest and easiest person in the diner they could pick on.  They didn’t even know him, yet they felt the need to belittle and humiliate him in order to feel better about themselves for some reason.  

Meanwhile, the whole time that he was being harassed, Paul said nothing and showed no emotion.  Seeing that his meal was destroyed, he got up and paid for his food then headed outside, leaving the bikers laughing in the corner.  

A waitress who had witnessed the whole scene was dreading having to take the biker’s order and as she approached their table one of the men said to her, “Hehe, the old geezer isn’t much of a man is he?”  It was as if he thought he was more of a man for the despicable things he had done, when that was the least manly thing anyone could have done to a defenseless old man.

Before the waitress could answer, she glanced out the window, smiled, and said “he also isn’t much of a truck driver seeing as he just now backed over all three of your motorcycles.”  The bikers sprung up from the table and ran to see what had happened. All their bikes were laying crumpled on the ground. Paul had run them over with his truck, leaving them crushed in a heap!  

Paul got his revenge on the crude bikers in the best possible way.  Knowing that bikers are obsessed with their bikes, he decided to destroy them, and in the process destroy what they love most.  It was also the safest way to get revenge because there was no way the bikers could follow him!

In the end, there are two points to be made from Paul’s story.  One is that not all bikers are bad people, but the ones who are make bikers look bad.  There are many bikers who are upstanding citizens, they hold fund raisers and are involved in their communities.  The second point is that you shouldn’t go around being a jerk and picking on people just because you can. You never know what others are capable of, even if someone looks old or meek, they might just one up you and deliver an instant dose of karma for being mean in the first place. 

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