THIS Is The Unexpected Secret Meaning of That Black Diamond On Your Measuring Tape!

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There are all sorts of tools, gadgets, and other things that we use everyday without really thinking about.  They’re easy to overlook and take for granted, but without them life would be a whole lot harder. While most of us assume that we know all that there is to know about the most common everyday household items we use, there are likely a few hidden tricks and secrets that you don’t even know about.  

Anyone who likes to enjoy a nice glass of wine or champagne has probably noticed how there is an indent on the bottom of the bottle.  It’s not there so producers can give you less wine, the dip is actually there to make the bottle stronger for high pressure beverages and stand evenly.  

If you’ve ever bought a clothing item and found that it came with an extra swath of fabric, you likely assumed it was for patching up a small hole.  While that could be a use for it, the real reason for the extra little piece is for washing before you wash the clothes. That way you can tell if it is colorfast or likely to shrink.  

Those winter hats with pom poms on the top were not originally meant to be decorative as they are today.  The Scandinavians originally used them in order to gather the seams in the hat back neatly, way before knitting winter hats became more common like it is today.

Every time you pop something in the microwave you pass by the black grading that covers the front window.  All microwaves must have this important safety feature that’s called a Faraday shield. It protects you by preventing harmful electromagnetic fields from leaving the inside of the microwave while it is turned on.

Most homes have standard walls featuring six studs that are spaced sixteen inches apart.  The black squares on measuring tapes are spaced sixteen inches apart in order to help you better find and mark the studs.  In addition to the black squares, tape measures also feature black diamonds (sometimes they are triangles) which are spaced 19.2 inches apart and they are there for truss layouts of 8-foot sheet goods.

These are just a few of the many other interesting facts and features covered in the video about everyday household objects you may not know about.  Be sure to check it out for more and maybe you’ll learn something new!

Watch the video below for more unknown uses and symbols you probably don’t know about:

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