If You Use This Popular Lip Balm Stop Right NOW! The Reason Is Scary!

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EOS lip balm stands out against the competition because of the distinct round packaging it comes in. The colorful pods of lip moisturizer have only been on the market for years, having launched back in 2009, and yet they seem to be available practically everywhere you go.

The products meteoric rise to must have status was led by clever marketing campaigns and a host of top celebrity endorsements. Everyone from Demi Lovato to Kim Kardashian has been see applying the egg shaped lip smack and the brand is kicking regular old Chapstick to the curb.

EOS stands for “Evolution Of Smooth” which conveys thoughts of full, plump, wrinkle-free lips, but some users of the product have experienced anything but that. Instead, they claim that use of the lip balm caused their skin to break out in painful, blistering rashes.

The problem is wide-spread and more common than what anyone originally thought it to be, and now a class action lawsuit has been filed against the company. According to Rachel Cronin, one of the plaintiffs in the suit, shortly after applying EOS balm to her lips they became dry and coarse.

In an attempt to smooth her lips back to normal she applied even more of the balm but her symptoms just got worse. That’s when she took a picture of her painfully swollen, red, bumpy mouth and shared it on Facebook. Her post, as noted in the lawsuit, “set off a frenzy of responses from other individuals who shared the identical experience with EOS.”

While it’s unclear what exactly caused Ms. Cronin to have such a severe reaction, people are pointing out that the product contains a few ingredients that many people may be allergic to. One is the fruit oils and extracts that are used to flavor the balms, and another is the beeswax base.

These ingredients are used by the company to keep the product as organic and all natural as possible. It’s inevitable that a few individuals might experience an allergic reaction to it and if that occurs you should immediately wash it off thoroughly with a mild soap.

Pat dry the area and then apply 1% hydrocortisone to help alleviate and lessen the reaction symptoms. If it gets worse or is severe, go see a doctor right away, but hopefully that won’t happen to anyone reading this! Also, as a general word of caution, before you try EOS lip balms, or any new beauty product, always be safe and check the list of ingredients.

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