10 Cats Discover A Huge Ball Of Ice What They Do Next Will Melt Your Heart

What do you get when you place a giant ball of solid ice in front of 10 cats? Lots of interest, to say the least… One intrepid cat owner decided to find out how their cats would respond to a frozen globe of water. They filled a water balloon up with water, put that in the freezer until it was rock hard, and then completely cut away the balloon.

Then they placed the ice chunk in a shallow dish on the floor and let the cats have at! In the video you may notice that there are a lot of different cats being shown. This isn’t a compilation clip and the 10 kittys who star in it are all part of one big happy family.

Their owner started a YouTube channel in their honor called 10 Cats. It turns out that the 10 cats really enjoy licking the ice ball and it looks like a good way to keep their water bowl clean and topped off.

One would imagine that because cats hate water they would also hate the frozen water or at least find the coldness off-putting. Surprisingly they absolutely loved the ice globe and couldn’t get enough of it. All of them licked the bejeezus out of it and once it had melted they started drinking the water.

One adorable cat ends up stepping in the ice cold water and freaked out a little and one little kitten was entranced by it. The tiny tiger looking kitten was seen the most licking and playing around with the ice ball. At the end he was the only one still into it. He pawed the melted remains around in a circle and followed it with his little bobbing head, he was so cute.

If you’re into cat videos then you have to check out this one to see all the various reactions and how damn cute they all look!

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