THIS Cat Was Separated From His Human For Days. Now Watch Unexpected Reaction When He Gets up!

There seems to be an overwhelming consensus which posits the belief that cats are not affectionate towards humans. This false notion is absolutely absurd and nothing could be further from the truth. Cats are incredibly loving, warm, caring, and affectionate all the time towards their human companions, other animals, and each other.

If you need proof of feline affection then look no further than this video. In it a sweet cat named Dorian can be seen snuggling up to his best friend, a little boy named Cadyn. The cat’s owner filmed the overwhelming and adorable display of affection and explained that Cadyn is his nephew and had been gone for a few days when he went to stay at his mom’s house.

The kitty missed his best friend a lot and couldn’t wait for him to return. When Cadyn finally arrived home he was already asleep, but that didn’t stop Dorian from trying to hang out with him. The cat just cannot get enough of the kid and shows his love by trying to get as close as he possibly can to the sleeping boy. If that isn’t love then what is!?

Cats are truly full of positive energy, life, happiness, and more. They often extend these vibes and feelings toward their human counterparts. A lot of the ways in which they show their affection are simply misunderstood and not recognized by people. In a way, the signs and behaviors that cats use to communicate their love and affection are often lost in translation.

A cat holding it’s tail straight up with a curl at the end is showing happiness. If a cat blinks his eyes slowly at you that means he is likely comfortable, relaxed, and loves you. There are many more signals that indicate different feline feelings, and then there are the behaviors similar to the ones on display in this video. These overt and clear moments of affection between a boy and his cat can only mean one thing ~ love!

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