VIDEO: This Pup Is Watching a Horror Movie. Now Watch What He Does When Scary Part Comes On!

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While it may not be a very common canine activity, there are some dogs out there who really enjoy watching television and movies. Khaleesi the English Bulldog happens to be one of them. She absolutely loves taking in a flick and can usually be found sitting comfortably right in front of the TV. What’s even stranger is that she even likes the commercials, some more than the actual shows!

Khaleesi isn’t a passive type of viewer who watches silently. Instead, she’s more like the kind who interacts with the actors and yells, or rather growls and barks, at the screen! She gets really into her programs and as this video shows, it’s quite entertaining to watch her watch a movie.

The film that Khaleesi is checking out here is the 2015 fantasy horror flick titled Crimson Peak. The movie is rated R and while the four year old dog may be a little too young in human years to watch it, in dog years she’s at least 28 years old, so she’s of age!

At first Khaleesi appears to not be all that into the film. She turns her adorable wrinkly face to glance back at the camera several times as if distracted. But as the music changes and the scene picks up it grabs her attention. On screen is a young girl who looks frightened when a strange, dark figure appears at the end of the hallway. As the thing floats towards the little girl she pretends to sleep and closes her eyes, while Khaleesi lets out an urgent bark, warning her of the danger that’s coming her way!

When her warning goes unheard the Bulldog jumps to her feet and stares intently at the screen, waiting on edge to see what happens next. Suddenly the ghostly figure’s black spindly hand reaches over the girl and that’s when Khaleesi goes nuts. She unleashes a torrent of barks and growls, it’s as if she’s trying to scare the ghost off and protect the young girl!

Now that’s a good guard dog! She’s not afraid of anything and would let you know danger was coming the moment she spotted or sensed a threat was near. Check him out and share his awesomely sweet reaction, it’ll brighten anyone’s day!

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