These 9 Hotel Workers Reveal Secrets Their Bosses Don’t Want You To Ever Know About!

Every night in America it is estimated that 2 million hotel rooms are occupied. When you check into a hotel you often expect a first rate service experience along with a nice, clean, well-appointed room. After all, most hotel rooms are not cheap and a business’s reputation is everything these days.

With instant review and rating sites online and accessible for anyone to see, a hotel could easily face ruin if it accumulates too many negative reviews. To keep their customers happy, appearances up, and costs down, many hotels have secret ways of operating and providing services. In this video nine hotel industry workers reveal secrets that their bosses don’t want you, the customer, to know. Check it out!

1) Many hotel rooms will comp movies you watch in-room, which means they won’t charge you for viewing them. When you’re about to check out ask if they do and you may just score some free movies.

2) You know those miniature bottles of lotion, mouthwash, soaps, shampoo, conditioner, and more? Take them with you, hotels assume and expect you to do exactly that since they cannot give open and used toiletries to other guests.

3) To get the best deal on rates and amenities call the hotel directly and speak to someone over the phone. Hotels often pay commission fees of up to 30% to online booking agents and then pass that expense onto you.

4) Avoid having to pay cancellation fees ever again by moving your reservation up a couple of days, that way you can call and cancel it a few days later.

5) Valets don’t care about your car and most hotels are not liable for whatever may happen to it once the valet gets behind the wheel. Skip the valet fees, tips, and liability issues by parking it yourself.

6) Always hand wash any glasses in your room before you use them. Hotels often clean glassware with furniture polish to make them shine and appear spotless. This is not only gross and unhealthy, but also very bad for your teeth.

7) One of the filthiest items in hotel rooms are the remote controls. Most people don’t wash their hands before or after using them and the staff never cleans them. Disinfect remotes with an antibacterial wipe to kill most of the germs and be aware of the dirtiness they hold.

8) To get clean linens, you have to specifically ask for them. Hotels usually wash and change the sheets everyday, but blankets are only washed weekly, and bed covers are cleaned monthly, if that.

9) If you really don’t need an early check-in time, don’t ask for or demand one. Hotel housekeepers have a lot of rooms to clean and are very busy. If they need to get to your room first to accommodate your early arrival they likely will be rushed and you’ll have no idea how dirty your room may be.

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