THIS Girl Is Walking Down The Street Minding Her Business. Now WATCH What The Guys In White Do To Her!

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This girl was walking down the street minding her business. It was a normal day and she just wanted to get home. That is when some surprise guests walk directly up to her while she has no idea what is going on. Then moments later it all became clear.

YouTuber Stuart Edge and his friends seem to realize that many people don’t have a special someone around Valentine’s Day, and that can make them feel left out and lonely.  With this in mind, they have decided to surprise young women in a most unique way.

The video clip you are about to watch below will bring a smile to your face, as you watch this group of young men do something that is a throwback to more genteel times.

In this era where being politically incorrect, and lack of manners seem to be lauded, their Valentine’s prank is a breath of fresh air.  The expressions on their “victim’s” faces are priceless!

I wish somebody would do this for me! 🙂

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