Watch This Bizarre and Strange Force Pull This Little Girl To The Ground

Home video shot several weeks ago in Bridgend, Wales by Gareth and Charlene Hood was meant to capture their daughter Lexi playing peek-a-boo as a memento. The Hood family were enjoying time together and a watching a film when something odd suddenly happened. One year old Lexi was standing in front of the television playing and giggling in delight. She placed her hands over her eyes innocently thinking that no one could see her when she did so.

When she uncovers them she is seemingly pulled backwards off her feet and onto the floor. In an instant she goes flying back, her arms out to the side, as if she was being pushed or pulled unexpectedly by some strange force. The moment shocked her and her parents and justifiably has them spooked by what they experienced.

What makes this so weird is that there is no warning or indication shown in the video to suggest that she is about to fall over. Furthermore, her father explained that she is sturdy and confident on her feet and when walking, so this backwards tumble was completely unexpected.

Even more eerie was what she said after being knocked down. Her father wrote “she said ‘naughty boy’ like she usually says when she is telling off the cat if it nips her or something.” Who or what was she speaking to? All indications point towards a ghost or spirit that she felt or saw during that moment.

On top of that, ever since the video captured the shocking moment, many unexplained and eerie creaking sounds have been heard in the family’s house. It has them questioning the strange noises and double checking things to be certain it is just the house settling down.

Thankfully, Lexi was not hurt from the fall and there have been no further instances like the one shown. What do you think caused the fall, just a toddler toppling over or is there something more to it?

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