THIS Woman Flexes In Front Of a Guy She Doesn’t Know! His Response Is Perfect!

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The “Flex Cam” is a relatively new variation on the perennial crowd favorite “Kiss Cam.”  While the kiss cam urges people to kiss, the flex cam encourages people to flex their muscles.  When the camera pans over the crowd it focuses in on audience members who strike body builder type poses.

Video of them is beamed out for everyone to see at the game on the stadium’s jumbo-tron screen. Oftentimes, people are only aware that they are on camera when they see their faces looking back at them on the huge central screen. This has led to some hilarious, surprising, and endearing moments.

One such moment was captured at a recent Philadelphia Soul Arena Football League game.  Footage from the Flex Cam started with various members of the crowd showing off their guns and displaying a wide variety of muscle size and tone.  Then the camera found its way to an unidentified man.  He jumps up and immediately begins to puff up his chest, flex his arms, and pose in superman form.

A woman sitting right behind him also stands up and whips her jacket off, exposing her extremely toned and impressive biceps, triceps, and deltoids.  She easily puts her seat neighbor to shame.  He takes one backwards glance at her and decides to sit back down in his seat, slinking further into it as if he wants to disappear.  His spotlight has been stolen and yet he seems to be a good sport about it.

The jacked woman continues to pose like the hulk for a few more moments.  Her move is decisive, as she appears to be the spectator with the most sculpted and muscular arms in the building.  Check all the action and muscle flexing out!

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