She Was On Facebook Browsing When She Came Across An Unexpected Stranger That Looked Exactly Like Her!

Could it be that we all have a nearly identical twin somewhere in the world who is a complete stranger? It seems almost unbelievable until you watch this video in which one woman found hers through Facebook after only two weeks of searching!

Niamh Geaney and her two friends Harry English and Terence Manzanga challenged each other to a competition to find their “twin” in the fastest amount of time. Calling the contest Twin Strangers, they used various social media networks to spread the word about their search. The friends got their inspiration from Sophie Robehmed, a journalist who revealed the doppelgänger concept, that we all have people in the world who bear astonishingly identical looks to our own.

Geaney won the challenge after a woman named Karen submitted her photo that bore an almost identical likeness to Niamh. She made the announcement about her discovery on Facebook, writing, I found Karen through the power of social media and this weekend, we met up in real life. Not going to lie — we were both pretty freaked about seeing our double in the flesh.

Check out the surreal entries at Twin Strangers, and this amazing video of the two women meeting. It’s as intense and mind-boggling as finding a biological twin you never knew you had! Watching this makes you really want to find your own twin stranger!

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