Woman Steals His Shovel After a Big Snow But Is Caught On Camera. He Proceeds To Get An Epic Revenge

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Revenge is a dish best served cold, so its been said, and one Chicago man took this advice to heart both literally and figuratively. David Welles kicked it up a notch and took getting sweet revenge to the next level when he served up a heaping platter of frigid iciness on a neighbor of his who was more than well deserving of it!

It all began after a winter storm dumped a lot of snow on Mr. Welles’s neighborhood, burying and trapping cars all over the streets. An unknown neighbor of his needed to get her car out but didn’t have a shovel, so she walked up to the front door of his house and borrowed his.

After she used the snow shovel to dig out her car, she never returned it to its rightful owner, like any good neighbor or decent person would have done. By stealing the shovel the woman not only became a thief, she also incited Mr. Welles’s wrath and that’s what led to her eventual take down (of sorts!).

When David went to finish building an igloo that he had started making for his two-year old daughter, he noticed that his snow shovel was missing. Being the owner of Tunnel Vision Technology, a provider of home security camera systems, he had his house wired and everything was captured on video. He knew exactly who took his shovel, and more importantly, where the woman was parked!

Rather than confront the neighbor, he opted to take a less direct approach to the situation and as David himself describes it “I got a little ahh, I guess passive aggressive.” That’s the best way to sum up what he did next because he busted out his new snow blower and went to work burying the shovel thief’s car under a mound of ice cold snow! The best part about this whole entire story is that everything was captured on film and so we get to see it all play out from beginning to end.

In the end, the lady had to dig out her car all over again, and if you’ve ever had to shovel a car out of that much snow, you know how much work and exhausting it can be. Of course she still had the shovel she stole, so she did have that going for her. Either way, that’s what originally led to her eventual dilemma so maybe she figured it all out and ended up returning it. I guess it’s also true what they say; what goes around comes around!

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