This Woman Was Tired Of Her Gross ‘Popcorn’ Ceiling. So She Got Rid Of It By Doing THIS Simple Trick

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In the 1950’s a style of ceiling dubbed “Popcorn ceilings” became popular, because it was thought to increase insulation against noise.  As it turned out, these ceilings had a serious health problem on top of being truly ugly; they are a common place that asbestos is found. Well there is a very simple way to change this with an awesome life hack.

This hideous bumpy finish is something people want to get rid of without pulling out the entire ceiling.  The solution has finally been found by “Choppers Drywall”; they invented a vacuum that within minutes removes the unsightly bumps without the mess of sanding or more invasive methods.

You will see this ingenious invention in action in the video below.  It is nothing short of amazing, how this unusual vacuum sucks those bumps out of the ceiling so rapidly!  Let us know what you think about this solution to a decades old problem.

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Say Goodbye to popcorn.

Posted by Chopper’s Drywall on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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