She Wore The Same Mascara To Sleep For Twenty Five Years. What The Doctors Discovered Under Her Eyelids Let Them Stunned!

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If you wear makeup on your face, it’s always best to wash it off before going to sleep at night.  If you wear mascara on your eyes, you should definitely remove it before you go to bed, as one woman found out the hard way.

Teresa Lynch always liked wearing makeup and since she was in her mid-20s she’d been applying mascara daily.  She preferred waterproof mascara because it stayed on longer and wouldn’t smear down her face if she cried or it got wet.  Teresa also had a dirty little secret; she never took off her mascara before she went to bed. 

When Teresa was around 50 years old, she started having trouble with her eyes.  It constantly felt like there was something in them and it got so bad that she had to make an appointment with her eye doctor.  While examining her eyes he asked her is she wore mascara and she told him yes, every day. Then he asked her how often she took it off before going to sleep and she told him the honest truth, that in the past 25 years she had never removed her mascara before bed.  After looking under her eyelids the doctor told her that what had been bothering her all this time was mascara build-up in her eyes, which over time had calcified into hard lumps!

The hard lumps of mascara had become embedded in the inner surface of her eyelid, some went even deeper, and the rough lumps were scraping her cornea every time she blinked.  When he flipped her eyelid instead of being clear and pinkish, it was covered in black little dots of hardened mascara. In addition to that painful problem, she also had follicular conjunctivitis, a bacterial infection which is more commonly known as pink eye.

At this point, Teresa had done permanent damage and the surface of her eyes were scarred.  In order to prevent further damage she would need surgery to remove the lumps under her eyelids.  After a 90 minute invasive surgery and weeks of healing, her eyes finally felt better.

Even after all she had been through, Teresa still wanted to wear mascara.  She cleared it with her doctor first and when she was able to wear it again, she made sure to fully remove it before going to bed. She decided to share her story as a precautionary tale to anyone else who doesn’t remove their makeup before bed.  You definitely do not want to end up with permanent damage or needing invasive eye surgery. For more details be sure to check out the video for more information.

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