Every Night Daddy Puts On The River Dance Music. The Parrot Proceeds To Do The Most Hysterical Moves.

With a name like ‘Lovebird,’ you have to be happy, upbeat, and fun loving! That’s exactly how this beautifully vibrant blue and white feathered lovebird acts when he hears his favorite music. The energetic little parrot has some seriously sweet and awesome dance moves and knows how to boogie on down! The adorable bird seems to really enjoy the fast Irish tune that’s playing and he knows exactly how to dance to the music. He hops up and down while tapping his tiny feet along to the beat, just like how an Irish step dancer moves!

Some of his moves are quite impressive and his Irish jig is seriously on point. He may even dance better than some of the professional River Dancers because he’s doing it all on his own with no training or direction! Check out the way he kicks and moves his feet, it’s awesome to see what a naturally talented and sprightly bird he is.

Lovebirds got their name from the fact that they form monogamous relationships and stay with the same mate for their entire adult life. Even if that were not the case they’d probably still be called lovebirds just the same because of their naturally warm, friendly, affectionate, and caring nature.

Once the small colorful parrots find a lover they spend most of their time sitting right alongside them. They strengthen their bond with their mate by preening and feeding one another and basically doing all of the adorable, sweet types of things that any loved up couple would do.

The clever, intelligent, brightly feathered little birds have long been a much loved favorite of people and bird enthusiasts all over the world. Many keep bonded pairs as pets and if they are treated right and well-taken care of, they can even end up forming super-close bonds with their human counterparts.

It’s easy to tell when a lovebird really and truly likes you because they will cuddle and nestle closely, and sometimes even preen you. Be sure to check out this one’s dance routine to see just how awesome and fun loving they can be!

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