This Owl Poops On His Friend. Now Watch The Hysterical Confused Look On His Face When He Realizes.

Every animal excretes waste in one way or another, the most common method being out the rear end. It’s basically a universal law of nature that food goes in one end and comes out somewhere else. While the subject of poo tends to be viewed as impolite to speak about in public discussions, the fact remains that it’s an essential bodily function that we all need and rely on to stay healthy.

Not to mention it just tends to be a hysterical subject matter regardless of the situation. In a world that seems to be getting more and more serious it’s always a good idea to lighten the mood with some old fashioned comedy. Finding humor in peace in the world today is a skill that all people should seek to master!

Best selling books have even been written on the topic, like the one titled Everyone Poops, which certainly rings true in this short video clip. As you can see there are two adorable little owls perched up on a rooftop next to one another. They’re just enjoying a moment of relaxation and hanging out together, taking in the sights and sounds around them on what looks like a beautiful day. A nice breeze is blowing the sun is shining and this duo couldn’t look more content with their situation. That is until nature calls and the afternoon takes a sudden turn that neither of them expected!

When one of the owls turns to leave he does something completely unexpected… and gross. He does a half spin, lifts his tail feathers, takes a dump all over the roof, then flies off! His buddy is unfortunately perched lower down on the slope and all the poo runs down the the roof, right into him.

When the poor owl notices that he just got pooped on he seems to be in shock, like he cannot believe that just happened. Check out his face and reaction, it’s priceless and makes you feel like you know exactly what’s going through his mind!

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