This Rottweiler’s Human Asks Him To Show His Mean Face. Now Watch The Pup’s Reaction!

Reese the Rottweiler is an incredibly talented dog with a special gift for play acting. While many people will spend their entire lives practicing and perfecting the art, Reese seems to be a natural at it. Even though his owner likely spent a lot of time and dedication teaching him this awesome trick, now that he has it down pat he can do it on command without even thinking. Reese certainly is a natural, not many dogs can do what he does so easily, time and time again.

This short clip of Reese in action is proof of his skills. In the beginning, he looks like any other strong, powerful, handsome male Rottweiler as he sits serenely on a cushion. When his dad asks him to show his teeth, he immediately obliges.

But that’s only the beginning and he’s just getting warmed up. When his dad tells him to “show me your mean face” the real acting begins. Reese curls back his upper lip and bares his sharp white teeth to the hilt. Then he adds in a low, menacing growl and he even does that weird licking thing dogs seem to do when they’re super angry. Personally, I’ve never seen a dog look so mean and angry on cue, at least not like this!

In fact, Reese’s acting is so good that I had to watch the video a few times to convince myself that he isn’t actually angry. The give away doesn’t happen until the very end; up to that point he stays in character perfectly, although his eyes do look pretty calm and gentle throughout.

Either way, to be able to learn this trick and perform it so well, that takes talent and brains. Reese has both in spades and you have got to watch his performance to see just how well he nailed the part. It’s spot-on!

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